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Not only does camp give you goofs, spoofs, and everything in-between,
it also gives you a huge resume buff.

So many cool perks!
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Counselor Age
Jr. Counselors
per three-week session
Sr. Counselors
(18 & over)
per three-week session
The Experience
Find the camp that's right for you.
At camp, you find your people and they find you. Between our curated staff social events and our fun-filled training program, even the shyest among us can easily enter a warm, embracing community.
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Feel The Impact
& Take Yourself Higher
Most importantly of all, camp lets you make and feel an impact. When you help a camper overcome an obstacle they've been struggling with for weeks and see the smile light up their face, you'll know choosing camp was the right call.
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Full and part-time positions available for each camp.
Holding so much potential energy can feel overwhelming. But we promise that our pre-camp training and meetings will get you up to speed and ensure that camp is a totally manageable experience. No matter your past experiences, when you come to the camp, you won't be thrown in the deep end.
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Meet Our Leadership

At our summer camp, we hold the belief that every child should have the opportunity to experience joy, learning, and personal growth.

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